About Farm Locations

It’s that simple, and that focussed. Farm Locations is just about farm locations, for film, TV and photoshoots.

By being specialists and having close connections to all the farms (every last one of which is exclusive to us), we can claim to offer a refreshingly different location service to filming and photography professionals. And what’s more, their diversity and proximity to London make the Farm Locations portfolio a set of shoot locations well worth knowing about.

Jo Thompson, founder of Farm Locations
Jo Thompson, founder of Farm Locations

Location Management

Knowledgeable, open-minded and down-to-earth, Jo Thompson will be your single point of contact when working with Farm Locations. Every shoot location and farmer is well known, and all the farm locations are within a 15 mile radius of Jo’s home on the Romney Marsh in Kent, making the hands-on management task easier and more personal.

Location Scouting

Should your brief for a farm or countryside location go beyond our existing portfolio, we are confident that the brief can be met through our connections with many other farmers in Kent and East Sussex. Leave it with us, we’ll find new shoot locations, liaise with the owners and sort out the permits and contracts on your behalf.

Specialists in our Field

Our field is our farms, only farms. We live close to all the farm locations, and feel passionately about promoting Britain’s countryside and how beautiful and photogenic it is.

With many years’  previous experience in brand marketing and creating new advertising campaigns, Jo Thompson, founder of Farm Locations (and also a farmer’s wife) understands well the dynamics of farming and of the production process required to run a successful film, TV or photoshoot. Jo is committed to running a professional service that ensures a mutually sound agreement between all parties.

Our farms are real farms. Farmers live and work on them. The farms are productive, producing Britain’s food. They offer an honest and eclectic array of opportunities for filming and photography.

Our farms cover thousands of acres in Kent and East Sussex.

  • The landscapes vary (from the unforgiving Romney Marsh expanses to the rolling pastures and valleys of the High Weald)
  • The farming enterprises vary (wheat, potatoes, sheep, cattle, olives, apples, linseed and more)
  • The farm machinery is extensive (combine harvesters, tractors, forklifts, loaders, lorries, sprayers, drills, potato grading machines, old dairy parlours…)
  • The farm buildings vary (from charming 19th century lookers huts to massive new grain stores)
  • And by covering so much of the english countryside, many countryside landmarks also fall within the farm locations, including footpaths, woodlands, lakes, bridges, rivers and ditches

Locations Exclusive to Us

All our shoot locations are exclusive to Farm Locations. You won’t find them anywhere else, not even on 1, let alone 10 other location agencies’ websites.

Our locations are fresh, different, real, vast and varied,  and all within easy reach of London. All locations are within 20 miles of each other, so why not take your pick of the best from a mix of farms, not just the one.

How We Work

You will be dealing with Jo, your single point of contact in organising your location shoot. She makes light of finding and using your chosen farm or countryside location.

Jo finds the solutions to the brief, liaises between parties, and ensures a smooth process towards shoot day, and on the day.

There’s no pre-set rate card due to the vast spectrum of locations on offer and requirements can vary too (crew sizes, shoot schedules, impact on location, farming resources needed etc). We remain open-minded and work hard to make a solution work for you.

In exchange for this level of flexibility, we are keen to work with those who value an open and cooperative relationship, and who are committed to the terms of agreement once the project is scoped. In addition, and before the project starts, we will seek a shoot schedule, evidence of public liability insurance and a risk assessment.

For accommodation and catering solutions, we have a list of options to share with you.

Pleased to Meet You

Please call or email Jo with your location shoot brief and we’ll do our best to meet your brief. And of course, let’s meet up as and when…

Call Jo on 07802 979348 or email hello@farmlocations.co.uk