Fields on the farms vary from one acre hedged paddocks to single fields of 70 acres or more on the Romney Marsh. Typically fences and hedgerows define the borders, but on the Romney Marsh in Kent, it is the ditches that create the boundaries, offering uninterrupted vistas of one field after another.

Fields can be found on all sorts of terrain. Choose from the wet marshes that stretch along the bottoms of the valleys, to reclaimed sea on the Romney Marsh, or varying elevations in the rolling hills of Sussex and Kent.

From old traditional pastures to highly intensive operations with acres of arable land, cereals and potatoes, we can offer a huge variety of fields as shoot locations. Also within the field mix come those where bio-diversity is the priority where wild flowers and seed mixes for the birds and bees are in abundance.

Pick your season to enjoy how nature defines the mood and colour of the landscapes, and for the fields, where they stand with their crop: any arable field may be being prepared for a crop, growing a crop or being harvested and cleared.

For a more tailored response to your specific brief, and more details such as access or noise, please contact us to discuss things further.