Brick House Farm, TN26

Brick House Farm is an idyllic smallholding claiming 22 acres of old pasture peppered with lovely old hedges, trees, lakes and animals. The very pretty farmstead includes a cluster of traditional timber-clad buildings, some dating back to the 1700s including the larger kent barn and the charming farmhouse.

One of a handful of glamping options includes the fabulous Fishing Shack, perched on the side of one of the farm’s lakes. Complete with decking and full of fish underneath, the shack has quite rightly been included in George Clarkson’s Amazing Spaces.

Very english, very picturesque, Brick House Farms offers so many ¬†backdrops in such close proximity. Rustic¬†character is in abundance, from the exposed timbers and floors in the barns, to the vintage plant displays and old bikes outside, surrounded by pastures that offer a step back in time. A gaggle of geese, the pigs, sheep, goats and labradors all add to a very laid-back, cheerful “Darling Buds of May” feel.

As a shoot and stay option, with catering also offered by the owners, Brick House Farm is a perfect shoot location for anyone looking for a quintessentially english farm setting.

  • 22 acres of traditional pasture and lakes
  • Cluster of timber-clad farm buildings dating from 1700s.
  • Residences include traditional farmhouse, fishing shack and timbered studio.
  • Geese, pigs, sheep
  • Wedding venue, with lots of rustic decor and furnishings available