How it Began

I was on both sides of the equation. I had a family farm and I had a career in marketing, being the client on many a shoot. My farm was never a location for our creative briefs, but it was beautiful, and would suit so many others.

I added it to a London location agency’s long list of locations. All sorts of locations were on there. Nothing happened, not one enquiry. Farms were lost and we were just a number. Farms needed to be singled out, understood and a special service added in. Perhaps I should take the job on?

It was a simple game plan. Farm Locations would be the name. I played with creating a website, added my family farms (husband and brother are farmers) and did some social media.  Things started to happen. The first client was Tatler. More landowners got in touch. More clients booked shoots.

It was proven. Clients were liking this farm location specialist who understood both sides of the equation.


Where Things Stand Today

Farm Locations is still a specialist in farms. Farms provide plenty. It’s the Great British outdoors after all, from the classic rolling countryside through to the most surprising of  things – historic railways, olive groves, quarries, private coastline. Private land is vast, varied, and an incredible natural canvas for filming and photoshoots.

It’s still the founder, Jo at the helm. I handpick every farm, know the owners well, and consider myself well-informed and ready to tackle any brief that comes this way.

You will be dealing with me, your single point of contact in organising your location shoot. My brief is to make light of finding and using your chosen farm or countryside location.

There’s no pre-set rate card due to the vast spectrum of locations on offer and requirements can vary too (crew sizes, shoot schedules, impact on location, farming resources needed etc). Let’s be down to earth, work together and I’ll find a solution that works for all.

Try me.

Shelter location at Lidham Hill Farm in Sussex

Locations Agent

Refreshingly different.

Farm locations specialises only in farms. No-one else can offer the knowledge, understanding and ability to make things happen on all kinds of farms, like we can.

We know every one of our farms and owners well. Every farm offers something unique, and several farms are exclusive to Farm Locations.

We are not huge, quite the opposite. A small, nimble, friendly locations agency but with a diverse portfolio and plenty of knowhow.

Location Management

A farm location is very different to a standard location house. Less contained, more varied, more complexities sometimes. The briefs can be more challenging (How about when asked for 4 dairy cows to feature in a dance video). That’s ok, every brief is considered here, and we do our best to make it happen. (ps the dairy cows did feature in the video).

A fast, friendly and comprehensive service comes straight from the initial call. Jo will be your location manager – with a hand in farming as well as production, I’m well-primed as a go-between to ensure both client and owner find an agreeable solution, and smoothly.

Location Finder

There are occasions where there may not be the right farm location for you in the portfolio. If that’s the case, then I look elsewhere. A wide network of farming connections means alternative options can be found, so please don’t feel the website’s listing is the limit of opportunities for you.

Farm visits are a regular past-time here, and we continue to be surprised by the new and unique backdrops another farm can offer. There’s no other locations business out there that can find the right farm like we can.

Have a Brief?

Please get in touch with your shoot brief and let’s find the right farm location for you.

Register Your Farm

Would you like us to consider your farm to be added to the portfolio?


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