Camel Farm, CV36

Camel Farm’s uniqueness is given away quite plainly: its camels. The farm is home to nine camels (a mix of two humps and one hump), all very well used to being filmed and photographed across a wide variety of events in the UK.

Sitting at the end of a half-mile track in South Warwickshire, Camel Farm offers an attractive Georgian farmhouse, traditional part-derelict farmyard and 25 acres of surrounding grass fields with copse, mill pond and stream.

  • 9 camels (Dromedaries and Bactrians)
  • Other animals include a horse, cats, chicken, pigs (in the Summer months), tortoises and dogs (including dachshund and labrador)
  • The derelict farmyard is a 4-sided courtyard surrounded by a listed threshing barn, old piggeries, four stables  and barns, untouched for decades
  • Other farm buildings house the animals, farm machinery, hay and straw bales
  • Georgian farmhouse built with blue Ivass stone and Horton stone cornices

Facilities at Camel Farm

Plenty of hard standing for crew parking, and warm base, loo, kitchen facilities are all available on site.

Catering at the farm is offered, and good local food options are just 3 miles’ drive away.

A Shoot and Stay option is also available in the main house, for up to 12 people.

Getting to the Farm

Central London is about 2 hours drive away.