Yes, we often hire animals for filming and photoshoots.

Typically the animals are already living on the location hired, and the owner will be on hand to supervise when being used in the shoot.

Sometimes we have arranged for animals to be hired separately and to be transported into the shoot location.  Clients also have used animal hire companies when they have a specific animal brief in mind which we cannot provide at the farm. Animal visitors have included a particular stunt horse, birds of prey and a llama!)

Our preference is for the client to choose a location where the animals live there already. This is the best solution for welfare reasons, and to keep the costs efficient. Many farms have a wide selection of farm animals on the farm and often those animals will be suitable for hire for filming or photoshoots. Animals hired so far have included chickens, cows, sheep, lambs, horses, ponies, turkeys, ducks, puppies and  alpacas.

Choosing animals from the farm locations makes for a more affordable option, and sometimes can be wrapped up in the day hire fee of the location, or added as an extra when the hours and involvement are more lengthy. Give us a call and we would love to help you with your next animal shoot brief. Contact us here.

Some Favourite Animal Hire Examples Below

Elvie breast pump Launch Ad

When creative agency contacted us to hire some dairy cows and take them to their London studio, we persuaded them to create a studio set on the farm and that way, the cows were happier and the results were charming.

1000 Sheep for Travis Scott single

When a scout requested 1000 sheep in one block, we scouted some farms and found an obliging farmer.

Vanessa Mooney Collection

A shetland pony wandered into the manor house when the client was shooting. They had not planned to photograph a pony, but what an opportunity!




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