Jo Thompson


Why Us?

An outdoor location is more challenging to organise versus the hire of a studio or a location house. The outdoors is less contained, there can be more complexities and more to solve.

The industry might call us a location library or a location agency. That suggests a listings service, and one at arms-length. That often means locations are not personally visited by the agency, and relationships with owners are not built. Often also there is a booking fee charged. At Farm Locations,  we don’t do any of that. We offer an open, honest, attentive service. We do a whole lot more throughout the shoot production process too: that’s if you’d like us to.  Hence we feel we are far from a typical UK locations library or locations agency.

Every brief is considered here and we do our best to make it happen. Even when the perfect farm may not be in the current location library, we will use our network of farming connections to find an option for you.

Hands-on and in-the-know, we are here to make it happen. What might seem an impossible, painful brief to other UK location companies, it’s a pleasure for us. Nothing is too much trouble and we work with like-minded clients and landowners, all keen to make for a smooth and enjoyable ride when shooting on location in the Great British outdoors.

In a Nutshell

  • We are the only farm specialist of all photography and film location companies in the UK . No-one else knows farms and farmers like we do.
  • Our locations for photoshoots and filming are all hand-picked and offer something unique.
  • We stick with a manageable few vs a huge mass of farms we’d know little about
  • You get to work with me, Jo. I’m the founder and hands-on facilitator. I’m a farmer’s wife and have a media background.
  • We provide all the attention to save you time and money when organising your shoot.
  • Count on us to support you from beginning to end for any photoshoot or film location hire

Our Story

The locations agency was founded by me, Jo Thompson in 2015. I wanted to combine my farming background and marketing career, and to help farmers find other ways to diversify whilst preserving their beautiful slice of rural Britain. Other UK locations companies didn’t deliver when I put my own family farm on their books. I didn’t want to just be a listing on lots of websites where no-one knew the farm well enough to promote it properly. Why not do it myself?

Farms and farming has been with me since childhood, and what launched me down this path of diversification for my own family farm, remains an important factor within the business. I’m here to help farmers diversify without spoiling their landscape, I’m here to put British farms on the map, and I’m here to help producers make it easier to arrange shoots in the unknown. And what’s more, helping reduce carbon footprint is part of the grand plan: why travel abroad for shoots when so many backdrops are on your doorstep right here in the UK?


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