Farm Locations is a locations agency that provides unique and varied farm locations to the film and photographic industry. 

The data controller is Joanna Thompson, Director. 

[email protected] 

07802 979348

Data Policy

We store data in two forms: contact information for our clients and location owners and email addresses of people who have opted-in to receive our newsletters. The data is used for the day to day essential operation of our company business and ad-hoc newsletter mailouts.

The data is only shared once a location booking is confirmed, where contact information is necessary to facilitate the successful implementation of a booking and only with parties directly involved in that booking. We don’t share information with any other third parties, for any reason.

Your data will be held with us until you make contact to remove your consent, either by ’unsubscribing’ from our newsletter or by contacting [email protected] .

You have the right to:

• Have your personal data rectified, restricted or erased

• To withdraw consent

• To access the personal data held about you

Please contact Joanna Thompson with regards any data questions or issues by emailing [email protected] or calling 07802 979348.

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