Coed Newydd Farm, SA19

Set down a very quiet lane in the heart of Wales, Coed Newydd Farm is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered.

This unique farm location features a 19th century stone Welsh cottage, sat isolated, in a derelict condition. The cottage can be filmed inside too, with access available to downstair rooms.With steep hill banks to the rear of the property, quarry-like areas to one side and further stone ruins nearby, there’s plenty of interesting backdrops on offer.

The landscape is another key highlight of the farm; left untouched for years and never having being farmed extensively, to this day it still remains completely natural and entwined with nature. Fields of grass and marshland see bouts of flowers, fallen moss-covered trees, coppice areas and natural waterways and streams. The hills in view appear to have no end and the neighbouring woods create a ‘forest feel’ to the farm’s borders.

  • 17 acres of natural ‘wet land’ mainly consisting of grass fields and marshland with small coppice areas and streams
  • Far-reaching views across the Valley
  • 19th century  stone cottage in a very derelict condition, all set within an isolated setting (available inside and out)
  • Stone ruins of former cow and pig shed
  • Modern wood cabin currently used as a small workshop and store
  • Areas of commercially grown flowers and a productive vegetable patch, and modern greenhouse
  • Ducks and Dogs


There is straightforward access to the farm with some parking on site, available for crew vehicles. A small crew base can be provided along with seating, storage areas and toilet facilities.

The owner of Coed Newydd Farm is happy to provide prearranged catering depending on crew requirements and size. Alternatively, there is a public house 2 miles from the farm, which serves food.

There is accommodation within 2 miles of the farm.

GETTING TO Coed Newydd Farm

Trains run from London to Carmarthen station, Merthyr station and Llanwdra station. The farm is approx a 50 minute car journey from Carmarthen, just over an hours drive from Merthyr station and a 20 minute drive from Llanwdra station.

Bay Studios in Swansea is a 1hour 10 min drive.

Dragon Studios Wales in Bridgend is a 1 hour 30 minute drive.

BBC Roach Lock Drama Village in Cardiff is a 1 hour 50 minute drive.

Seren Studio (Pinewood) in Cardiff is a 2 hour drive.

4 hour 15 min drive from Central London.