Goldhill Farm, SP7

Goldhill Farm is a 240 acre former dairy farm; the milking parlour is no longer active but is still available for shoots alongside the pastoral fields. The landscape sweeps across rolling hills of mainly grass fields, parkland, wild flower meadows and ancient woodland.

This traditional Dorset farm features an old farmyard with original stone, timber and brick farm buildings, including a 300 year old threshing barn. The farm has seen more modern additions with its milking parlour and newer barns, providing an array of backdrops and settings. Overlooking the old farmyard sits the period farmhouse with its adjoining gardens and vegetable plot.

The farm is also home to sheep, chicken, horses and shetland ponies, so there’s plenty of opportunity to shoot with a range of animals here.

  • Former dairy farm within an Olde English farm setting
  • 240 acres of rolling valley landscape consisting mainly of grassy fields, parkland, wild flower meadows and ancient woodland. Some years see the production of maize and spring barley.
  • Far-reaching views including those of the iconic Gold Hill
  • Period farmhouse available for interiors, with adjoining garden and vegetable plot
  • Old farmyard featuring both traditional and modern aspects, including original stone farm buildings, a 300 year old threshing barn, old stables and sheds, with more recent additions seen within the milking parlour (no longer in production) and newer barns/ shelters.
  • Polytunnel
  • Private roads (tarmacked) and hardstanding tracks
  • Streams and pond access
  • Small bridge
  • Overnight glamping accommodation
  • Vintage and modern tractors
  • Shetland ponies, horses, chickens, sheep, dogs and cats


Access to the farm is easy with plenty of space to navigate large vehicles. There’s plenty of parking at the farm for crew vehicles. An undercover crew base can be provided in one of the farm buildings or mobile home, with access  to a toilet and shower block situated at the main farmyard.

Local recommended catering companies that offer a delivery service can be provided upon request. Alternatively, there are plenty of dine-in food options within 3 miles of the farm. The farm does have its very own glamping site (2x bell tents and 1x wood clad mobile home), which can provide overnight stay for crew. Further B&B accommodation can be found within 1 mile of the farm and hotel stays within 3 miles.


Trains run from Waterloo station to either Tisbury station (1 hour 45 mins) or Gillingham (2 hours). The farm is a 20 minute drive from Gillingham station and a 25 minute drive from Tisbury.

Central London is approximately 2 hours 30 minutes by car.