Kingsland Farm, ME12

Kingsland Farm is an extraordinary wilderness location set on an island in the Thames. Over 3,000 acres of nature reserve include a wide mix of watercourses, marshes and grazed land, with 3 miles of private track offering the most inspiring journey through it.

The stunning landscape flanks the estuary and the farm boasts tranquil private coastline backdrops as well as far-reaching wild expanses, with wonderful architectural surprises including a beautiful Kent barn, an isolated on-its-own brick hay store, as well as traditional and modern glamping huts.

  • Wild marshland, grassy areas and watercourses including lakes and ditches
  • A managed nature reserve with an impressive spread of birdlife, hides and nature trails
  • Grazing cattle (most of year) and sheep (winter)
  • 3 miles of well maintained private tracks, extending to the coastline
  • Isolated brick farm buildings, as well as a main farmyard with flagship Kent barn, cow byre, farm sheds and houses.
  • Glamping huts flank the water (including shepherds’ huts)
  • Small outcrop of established woodland with clearings and fallen trees, offering a very different feel to wild marshes. Guinea fowl and chicken roam.
  • On the estuary side, a couple large industrial powerhouses provide drama to a horizon

Getting to Kingsland Farm

  • Located in North Kent, Kingsland Farm is just over an hour’s drive from Central London.

Facilities at Kingsland Farm

  • Excellent crew base options within the Kent barn and adjoining building, with kitchen, loos and seating areas. Alternatively use of one of the houses is  possible.
  • Plenty of hard standing in the farm yard for parking.
  • For shoot and stay crews, overnight accommodation is available in the glamping huts and house