Rosy Farm, HP17

Rosy Farm is a delightful farm location. This beautifully-restored farmstead features a courtyard setting, nestled between a cluster of old, traditional farm buildings and the period bricked farmhouse.

A selection of barns can be found on the farm, including a 400 year old Tythe barn, a former cow byre and a silage barn. The surrounding landscape enjoys its untouched ‘ridge and furrow’ fields which are also home to grazing sheep and pigs.

To this day, the farm’s heritage remains of high importance with the land still being farmed in a traditional manner, creating a ‘step back in time’ feel and period setting.

This Buckinghamshire farm is within easy reach of London; being just over a 30-minute drive of the M25 and Leavesden Studios.

  • 20 acres of grass fields
  • Period farmhouse (including interiors)
  • Courtyard gardens and orchard
  • Traditional farmstead featuring a cluster of farm buildings including a 400 year old Tythe barn, silage barn and cow byre
  • 10m deep well
  • Private roads and tracks
  • Traditional farming props available for hire
  • Sheep, pigs and chicken


There is plenty of parking available for crew at the farm, along with a crew base in one of the barns. Kitchen and toilets facilities are available.

Catering and overnight accommodation can be found within 1 mile of the farm.


Trains run from Marylebone to Haddenham Station (40 minutes) which is just a 5 minute drive from the farm.

Central London is approx 1 hour by car.

Leavesden Studios is approx 35 minutes by car.