Runaway Farm, KT9

Within the M25 and only half an hour from Central London, Runaway Farm is a very convenient, accessible shoot location when looking to shoot “in the sticks” whilst as close to London as possible.

This working farm provides a great mix of outdoor settings, as well as the traditional and new agricultural buildings. The same location also benefits from other additions to the farm including a gym and events space, glamping site, a light aircraft runway and an imposing WW2 blister hangar, providing a whole variety of classic and creative settings . The old farmyard still retains original barns, stores, sheds and a workshop, whilst more modern additions include practical warehouse and storage space.

With over 200 acres of outdoor space available and a landscape of crops, wild flower meadows, grassland and woodland, you can truly feel in the middle of nowhere.

  • 220 acres of land including wheat / barley fields, wild flower meadows, grassland and small areas of woodland
  • Mix of flat and rolling landscape
  • 17th century brick farmhouse (interiors available)
  • Working farmyard featuring old barns, stores, sheds and a farm workshop
  • Modern and industrial areas
  • Gym with studio and toilet, showering facilities
  • Warehouse space
  • Wartime structures including a WW2 Blister Hangar and pillbox
  • Grass runway with windsock
  • Helipad (nearest one to Central London to the South for private charters)
  • Bell Tents and Shepherds Hut (Glamping option)
  • Use of private roads (concrete) and hardstanding tracks
  • Modern tractors and machinery
  • Hay / straw bales available


There is good access to the farm with no vehicle restrictions. The farm offers plenty of hardstanding parking for crew vehicles, with additional parking available in grass fields if required. An excellent crew base can be provided in the gym onsite, which has its own changing areas, toilets and showers.

Runaway Farm frequently welcomes catering trucks to the yard so a list of recommended local caterers can be provided. There’s plenty of eat-in options within 1/2 mile of the farm if preferred. It also has a coffee and food bar on site.

The farm does provide a shoot and stay option with its bell tents and shepherds hut, however there is also hotel accommodation approximately 1/2 mile from the farm.


Trains run from London to Chessington South (40 minutes). The farm is a 30 minute walk / 5 minute drive from Chessington South station.

The farm is only 15 minutes by car from Richmond Park and 45 minutes from Trafalgar Square.