Scotts Valley Farm, ML12

Scotts Valley Farm is a 6,000 acre upland estate close to the Scottish borders, offering a breathtaking landscape of rugged moorland and open grass wilderness; rising up over dramatic mountain-faced hills and plunging back down with deep valley dips.

Within the steep v-shaped slopes and troughs, you will find meandering streams and rivers with small waterfalls and stoney shallow spots, as well as areas of evergreen forest, woodland and traditional stone sheep pens. Completely isolated and tucked away from the main hub of the farm, an old white bothy nestles by the edge of a flowing burn, available to hire both inside and out.

From traditional farmhouses to modernly refurbished holiday cottages, the farm also offers a mix in farm buildings too – the main farmhouse leads out onto a courtyard of older outbuildings, with more modern barns and sheds available in a separate working yard area situated close by.

  • 6,000 acres of epic landscape; mainly heather moorland and grassland that spreads over breathtaking valley slopes (including a 2,800ft hill with dramatic mountain-like face) with meandering rivers, streams, waterfalls, and patches of forest areas too
  • Working farm with a courtyard of older outbuildings, along with more modern barns, tin sheds and a workshop located nearby
  • Main farmhouse (available for interiors) offering traditional features inside including an old spiral staircase and original fireplaces
  • Additional smaller farmhouse and 2x small modern holiday cottages (also available for interiors)
  • An isolated ancient bothy (cottage) located right by the stream within the valley
  • A former hunting larder also in a very secluded spot by the edge of the river
  • Old stone sheep pens in the hills
  • Private concrete roads and hard standing tracks
  • A fleet of luxury camper vans, landrovers, modern and vintage tractors
  • Chicken, sheep (Scottish black face, blue Leicesters and texels) and dogs


There is plenty of parking at the farm for crew vehicles. Depending on availability, crew are also welcome to use the 2x holiday cottages onsite as a base during the day or for overnight stay. The farm also has its own fleet of luxury campervans, which are equipped with shower, toilet and basic kitchen facilities, and can team up well as mobile crew-base options, especially if shooting within the more remote parts of the estate.

A local village shop selling fresh lunch options can be reached within a 10 minute drive of the farm, alternatively a pre-order for food can be arranged with a recommended deli.

Scotts Valley Farm offers a ‘Shoot and Stay’ option with its 2x holiday cottage (2 bedroom) and 4x camper vans each kitted out with a double bed. If not staying onsite, there are other B&Bs in the surrounding area and a hotel within a 20 minute drive of the farm.


Trains run from London to Lockerbie station (4-5 hour journey time). The farm is approximately a 40 minute drive from Lockerbie station.

The farm is also approximately 1 hour drive from Edinburgh.

Central London is approximately 6 hours by car.