Ten Acre Woods, BS25

Tucked deep amongst the trees and overgrowth, this ‘house in the woods’ shoot location features an ‘Arts and Crafts’ style cottage set within 10 acres of woodland. With drivable tracks winding their way up through the woods to the main entrance and a clearing area at the very end, even as a secluded location Ten Acre Woods is easily accessible.

  • 10 acres of woodland including evergreen areas
  • Secluded Arts and Crafts style cottage sat within the woods (available inside and out)
  • Large clearing area out the front of the house (ideal for parking and turning) and adjoining garden
  • Double garage and garden sheds
  • Woodland tracks and driveways that resemble public lanes
  • 1952 airstream caravan within a woodland setting, along with a 1953 Lambretta scooter
  • Chicken


There is good access to the site, with two private tracks leading to the property. There’s also plenty of parking for crew vehicles on location, with a large turning area in front of the house, where crew can park. Crew are welcome to use the main house, the garages or small garden studio as a base.

A number of B&Bs and a hotel can be found within a mile of the woods providing overnight stay for crew. As for catering, the local village is reachable within a 5 minute drive, which has plenty of amenities including convenience stores, bakery, coffee shop and a pub serving food.


Trains run from London Paddington to either Worle or Weston-super-Mare stations. Ten Acre Woods is approximately a 20 minute drive from Worle station and a 25 minute drive from Weston-super-Mare station.

London is approximately 3 hours 30mins by car.