Inside the M25 is by far the Most Popular

London crews are Farm Locations’  largest client base, so “as close to London as possible” is typically part of the brief. 

If a client can find a farm location inside the M25, then they avoid having to pay some additional costs, including travel costs for crew members and also overtime hours when the travel time is too long to be included in the normal shoot day. 

The Top Spots in England


  1. Inside the M25. And that’s any side. North, South, East and West of London all are good. 
  2. Just outside the M25. Sometimes a producer can avoid paying travel costs if the farm location is just a 5 minute drive outside the M25
  3. Within 10 miles of the M25. This distance tends to mean the location is within 1-1.5 hours of London, and often this means overtime hours or an overnight stay won’t be needed. 
  4. Within 30 miles of a film studio for feature films which mainly centre their production at one of the major film studios. And make a note too –  it’s not always a film location that your farm might be needed for, it might be for storage only, a set-build warehouse space, or a unit base (parking) for a feature film happening near by. 
  5. South coastal (especially Kent) Beach locations are in demand, and a farm is sometimes used for the second location close to the beach. (eg half the Tv commercial is on the sand, and half is in a grassy field). 
  6. Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire. Major film projects appear to be heading more West, and finding quiet but interesting landscapes not too far from London, is making Bucks and Oxon an interesting emerging area.


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