Quite simply, there’s no-one else that offers the same as we do. And if you like the sound of a specialist with a purposefully small, known and loved portfolio of farms under its wing, who appreciates both the client and the owner’s needs, then Farm Locations is worth a call.

We work only with like-minded owners, so those who are down-to-earth, collaborative, trustworthy and super efficient. We’ve built our reputation on relationships and a helpful service. 

Landowners take comfort in knowing we are experts in our field. With plenty of farming, media and property experience in the agency, we are trusted to represent the farms well, and be a match-making service that gets it right. 

Until now, without a specialist in the farming industry, many farmers have either not considered filming or, if they have, have not known who to work with. Farmers need an agency that understands farming and the challenges they face. Farm Locations is a voice and platform for all farms, bringing more shoot locations into the industry, as it’s those that are either new to filming or unestablished in filming in England that are leaning on Farm Locations most of all . We also work with landowners with plenty of experience and confidence in providing a shoot location, however, they value the benefit of an agency easing and streamlining the process, and Farm Locations brings in new business too. 

We take time to build personal relations with our owners and have a keen interest in every farm. That’s what the owners like, our understanding of their unique offer and our passion for it. We are match-makers and  facilitators, taking any concern away from the owners. We also make it far easier for location scouts and managers to access the farms and they value the knowledge and hands-on approach we offer. 

If a farm deals directly with a production, some key aspects might be missed. We are here to help ensure the process is smooth, that’s before, during and after any hire. We are the helping hand throughout, managing expectations, removing surprises, negotiating rates, and ensuring such protection as security deposits and overtime rates are included.

We are a tiny team of 3. That’s Jo, Tiff and Gemma, purposefully small to retain the personal touch and build strong relations with our like-minded community of owners. There is no big team of sales people here. 

We may be small, but we have a strong and growing reputation in the industry, with some exceptional clients and work projects fulfilled. See some WORK EXAMPLES here.  Farm Locations is also becoming a go-to locations agency for the more challenging briefs that often only a unique and wonderful farm location can solve.


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