Greenbanks Farm, N20

Located just over 10 miles from Central London, Greenbanks Farm is set within the borough of Barnet in Greater London, and covers nearly 30 acres of grassy fields, lined with ancient hedgerows and old oak tress.


There are no buildings directly on the farm, however there are adjacent community spaces which can provide kitchen and toilet facilities with prior arrangement. The farm itself is easily accessed via its own secure, hard standing entrance and with plenty of outdoor space on the farm, there is room to set up temporary crew facilities directly in the fields.

Plenty of dine-in and takeaway catering options are within 1.5 miles of the farm and hotel accommodation can be found within 2 miles.


Greenbanks Farm is just over 10 miles from Central London so can be easily reached via tube, bus and overland trains. The closest tube station is a 5 minute drive away.

The farm is located close to major film studios too, including Elstree, Leavesden and Pinewood. Elstree Studios is approximately a 15-20 minute drive, Leavesden a 25-30 minute drive and Pinewood Studios is approximately a 45-50 minutes drive away.