Being a location owner won’t suit everyone. So what traits are important in a great farm host? 

Prepare to be Patient

Shoot enquiries come in, and it’s a rule of thumb that out of any 10 enquiries, just the 1 will turn into a booking. Our owners need to still be enthusiastic for enquiries, respond quickly to our communications, and host recces that might come to nothing. We look at the bigger picture when weighing things up. 

Prepare to be Open Minded

All sorts of requests come through, and all sorts of fee levels. You might have had a needy crew one week, it dosen’t mean the next crew will also be needy. Every brief is different, and the booking that comes in is not always as black and white as someone who hires a house. 

Prepare to be Trusted

Farmers and owners are super-knowledgeable, multi-skilled and have a huge amount of common sense. If a van goes off the woodland track in the Winter having been told strictly not to, be prepared to lend a hand. Charging extra is your call. 

Prepare to be Quick

The owner needs to respond quickly to enquiries and questions. The industry can be very fast paced and fickle – a speedy service is key and Farm Locations can only work with owners who are eager, accessible and collaborative throughout the process. You help Farm Locations win the business, and we set the right impression together. If you don’t like whatssap or don’t carry a phone with you, this is not the right job for you. 

Relax and Enjoy it

If you are a perfectionist and everything must have its place, being a location host might not be right for you.  Great hosts make visitors feel welcome and they enjoy having guests around. They don’t mind silly questions, they don’t get cross if a crew member arrives earlier than thought, they run with it (and just let Farm Locations know of any changes that need to be charged for). Owners love to host and love creative people. 


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