Here at Farm Locations, protecting your privacy, as a farm owner, sits high at the top of our priorities list. There’s steps we take throughout every stage of the listing process to ensure we do everything we can to safeguard the true identity of our farms, until practically possible. 

Below are some of the steps we follow:

  • We allocate each farm with its very own ‘Marketing name’; a name that we use solely for Farm Location purposes to promote the farm as a shoot location. The true name and location of the farm is only ever disclosed directly to a client when at the stage of arranging either a recce or shoot. To find out more how we come up with our marketing names, click here
  • Full postcode of the farm is not disclosed as part of promotion. We only use partial postcodes during marketing to reduce the chances of the farm’s real location being identified.

  • Images are carefully selected to ensure there is no identification indicators present within the photos such as vehicle registrations, house names and other signage that could enable the farm to be traced. Number plates and any signage is blocked out using editing tools, images showing personal information such as paperwork left on a kitchen table are not used at all.

  • Limit the number of photos uploaded to the farm’s online gallery –  we very much work with our farm owners on how comfortable they feel regarding the number of images uploaded to the farm’s online gallery, along with the use of house interior shots when promoting the farm. We fully respect and support any decisions made by our owners who wish for us to launch the farm using only a small handful of images or to completely withhold house interiors online. We can take steps to ensure the full image bank is held internally only for our own visualisation purposes, uploading a carefully selected few online and only sending photos directly to a client when specific interest in the farm has been shown.

  • We try to avoid featuring any images of high valuable interiors within the farm galleries.

  • We do not upload any photographs to our online farm galleries featuring children, even if they are very much in the background.


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