We allocate each farm with its very own ‘Marketing name’; a name that we use solely for Farm Location purposes to promote the farm as a shoot location. The true name and location of the farm is only ever disclosed directly to a client when at the stage of arranging either a recce or shoot.

Now this is the time we slip our creative hats on and really let our imaginations run wild at Farm Locations HQ.

The marketing name used in replacement for a farm’s real name is not selected by random by any means, in fact it’s very much the opposite; a lot of thought goes into the name given to any new farm joining the portfolio.

It’s important to us that the marketing name remains personal to the farm, sometimes even with a story to tell (we love it when this happens). Jolly Farm touched our hearts as a suggested name  after the owner told us about his grandmother always affectionately calling it ‘my jolly farm’.

Many of our farm names reflect a unique aspect, feature or characteristic the farm may offer in terms of a shoot location, including names referencing key landscape features, animals, props, buildings or even the general vibe and feel of the farm.

High Point Farm is located at almost the highest point in Greater London, Bee Haven Farm features rolling fields of wild flowers, herbs and grasses; a true bee haven! Doddies Farm in Surrey is home to a herd of Aberdeen Angus cattle, after discovering the nickname for the breed was ‘Doddies’ we knew we had our match. Some names link back to the farm’s history or its previous use such as Saffron Farm, which was previously used many years ago to farm the spice.

Occasionally, we challenge ourselves to get more than deep and multi-layered with our meanings  … Runaway Farm hit the jackpot! It has its own gym in an old barn, so plenty of running going on. The farm also has a grass ‘run-way’ for light aircraft, and being only 30 mins drive of central London, the farm can certainly be a ‘runaway’ spot from the hustle and bustle of the city centre.

We make a concerted effort to learn as much as we can from our owners and welcome inspiration and even name suggestions too – no one knows your farm better than you.


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