It’s an absolute MUST that any farm, to qualify, should exhibit the following

  • At least 5 acres of unspoilt landscape and with interesting buildings. 
  • The owner (or nominated point of contact) is based at the farm and will enjoy hosting crews, is efficient, collaborative and quick to respond to enquiries. 
  • A crew base for small crews – loo, tea-making facility and warm space. 

Although there’s no set list of “must haves” for any particular farm, the following features will make your farm a more popular option 

  • farmhouse or cottage interiors and old farm buildings with good internal space included. Houses and buildings true to their origin. 
  • farm props including animals (a few chicken will do), bales of straw, old and/or newer tractors 
  • a crew base on site, including warm space and loo
  • crops and grassland, wild areas too (not formulaic paddocks) 
  • watercourses, especially ponds, lakes or easy-access rivers with structures beside them (jetty, cabin) 
  • an open-minded owner, keen to collaborate and relaxed about interruption 
  • located as close to London as possible (ideally within the M25 or just outside) 
  • Easy access from main roads and easy to get around 

And some “must not haves”. Here’s a few features that will put scouts off: 

  • Uncontrollable noise (eg in a flight path, motorway cars) 

What are we Hunting for?

We are on the HUNT for farms to compliment the portfolio, and here are our top credentials being sought: 

  • No. 1 Farms and farmland inside the M25 
  • No. 2 Farms and farmland within 10 miles outside the M25 
  • The unspoilt farm. Traditional farmsteads with no modernisation. 
  • Large vegetable plots and market gardens 
  • Unsusual crops and winter crops 
  • Decaying houses and disused farmyards 
  • Large old green/glass houses 
  • Isolated buildings in great settings eg cabin in woods, shack by water, barn in the middle of a valley 
  • Rough, mountainous terrain close to London 
  • Epic landscape setting (land, water) 
  • Wilderness

And see here our Top 10 for GREATNESS as to what the ideal shoot location can offer. 


Take a look at where in England is the most popular for filming and photoshoots


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