The Grand Tour Series 2 Filming

The Grand Tour Series 2 Episode 5: Farmkhana

Jeremy Clarkson delivers his own unique take on Ken Block’s Gymkhana series by creating an ultimate farm playground on location in East Sussex. Naming it  “Farmkhana”, Clarkson puts his driving to the test in a Subaru Impreza, attempting all sorts of farm obstacles at breakneck speed. Mark Higgins, World Rally Champion helps him out behind the scenes.

Shoot dates: 5 days in July 2017

Air date: January 5th 2018

Director: Phil Churchward

DOP: Ben Joiner

Producer: Dan Edwards

Presenter: Jeremy Clarkson

Pro drivers: Mark Higgins, Niki Faulkner, Rob Hunt

Production: Chump Productions Ltd

Location: Hare Farm  and Great Knights Farm, East Sussex


Location Details

The Grand Tour based its full Farmkhana circuit at Hare Farm and Great Knights Farm, both bordering eachother and under the same ownership. This enabled the route to be spread across 3 farmyards, and a large patchwork of fields

Crew size: Up to 65, with tech and catering based in a field adjacent to farmyard. Catering provided for by the local pub, The Red Lion Brede.

The prop department prepared all fixtures where “TV damage” occurred eg farm doors, gates and gate posts. Despite the immense driving challenge created, the only real damage caused was a small dent in a metal farm gate.

The farmer was on hand throughout, fielding queries, doing a spot of acting even, and driving the quad bike and landrover to haul equipment across the fields.

Accommodation for the crew was across 3 hotels in the area. The favourite hotel was Bannatynes Hastings which catered well for large equipment storage.

A Snippet from Episode 5, Series 2

Behind The Scenes

Take a look behind the scenes of the Grand Tour’s Farmkhana


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