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Register your farm with Farm Locations, a small and friendly locations agency, solely focussed on representing the farms we have hand-picked, visited and know to offer delightful locations and welcoming owners. 

Farmyard film set location on a farm near Rye East Sussex

Why hire your farm as a shoot location?

Location shoots on farms is a whole new, positive diversification interest  for landowners, and it has so many benefits to enjoy. Here are a few:

  • Additional income from location fees, as well as potentially the hire of animals, vehicles and provision of catering and other props for hire.
  • Makes farm life much more interesting. It’s fascinating to host a shoot and to witness all that’s involved in running a location shoot.
  • It will make you proud. To hear positive feedback from the shoot crew, and for you to see your farm featured in the public eye – in a TV drama, in a fashion shoot, on a music video – these are moments to savour.
  • Promoting British farming and the great outdoors. The more the general public see of Britain’s countryside, the more respect and support there will be in rural England.
  • Preserving your farm. Other diversification interests will permanently change life and the landscape of the farm, for example opening a glamping site or adding a solar park. Location shoots leave no lasting damage at all.

If you have a photogenic farm, an open mind and a keen interest in hiring your location for film and photoshoots, make the step to registering your farm.

What type of farm will qualify?

Although there’s no set list of “must haves” for any particular farm, the following features will make your farm a more popular option 

  • farmhouse or cottage interiors and traditional farm buildings included 
  • a mix of farm animals can be part of the hire charge 
  • a crew base on site, including warm space and loo
  • an open-minded owner, keen to collaborate and relaxed about interruption 
  • located as close to London as possible (ideally within 1 hour’s drive from Central London) 

Any location needs to have a  minimum of 5 acres and a couple of outbuildings.


Why register with Farm Locations?

Quite simply, there’s no-one else that offers the same as we do. And if you like the sound of a specialist with a purposefully small, known and loved portfolio of farms under its wing, who appreciates both the client and the owner’s needs, then Farm Locations is worth a mull over.

We work only with like-minded owners, so those who are down-to-earth, collaborative, trustworthy and super efficient. We’ve built our reputation on relationships and a helpful service. There’s a face to the name and it’s Jo.

You will be dealing only with Jo, no big team of sales people, but someone who has got to know you the owner well, has visited the farm, and is confident in representing you strongly.

We may be small, but we have a growing reputation already in the industry, with some exceptional clients and work projects fulfilled. Farm Locations is becoming a go-to locations agency for the more challenging briefs that often only a unique and wonderful farm location can solve.

Register your Farm

The first step is to make contact through the form attached. Just give a brief summary of your farm and its features, perhaps a few photos. We can then chat on the phone and take it from there.

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