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The farms featured below are all available to hire for filming and photoshoots in the county of Essex. 

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All our locations in Essex are available to hire for filming and photoshoots.

Located in the South East of England, between London and the North Sea, our Essex shoot locations still find themselves within convenient travel distances from the capital. With some of our locations in this part of the country reachable by car within 1 hour of Central London, they are still very much an accessible option from the city and easily day-trippable. 

Our collection of Essex farms extend across the region, providing a real variation in the type of scenery and settings available; from thriving arable fields to wildy water meadows, from blooming flower fields to dense woodland, there’s plenty to choose from. 

Surprising to many, almost three quarters of the county’s land area remains as rolling farmland, providing huge scope and possibilities for ‘outdoor’ filming and photography in the county. 


You can use our bespoke online search portal to explore the extensive portfolio of farm locations, all hand-picked and with something unique to offer. If you can’t find your ideal film location online, please get in touch with us and we will do our best to help. 

Filming on location in Essex provides endless opportunities with the diversity in its landscape and undiscovered locations. From Olde English courtyard settings to picturesque deconsecrated churches, from ancient ‘untouched’ barns to working one-of-a-kind water mills, there is an endless array of shoot opportunities, both inside and out. Filming on a farm can transport you to another era or even a different country, there’s so much potential to be had.

We are proud to have worked alongside countless trusted and award-winning clients, sourcing film locations for feature films, TV dramas, short films, music promotion videos, and TV commercials. 

The filming of scenes for the Channel 5 TV show; ‘Motorhoming and with Merton and Webster’ was carried out at Box Hall Farm in Essex. The farm’s secluded grassy fields, hardstanding tracks and beautifully restored thatched barn were secured as the perfect backdrops for various scenes across all 6 episodes. 

With one of the longest coastlines in the country and with its deep estuary formations, the county of Essex provides some fantastic water frontage opportunities. Located only a couple of miles from the coastline, Millstone Farm is a very special film location with an inspiring array of backdrops. Home to one of the three remaining working tidal mills in the country, the farm enjoys the ebb and flow of two tides a day. Surrounded by stunning water, wilderness and its very own vineyards, Millstone Farm is a wondrous wildlife haven.

Being able to film by the ‘water’s edge’ is very much achievable on our farms located further inland too, with Nash Farm providing direct riverside and mill pond access; this former mill house resides along the riverbank, surrounded by ever-changing water meadows that flood during the winter months. A selection of lakes and ponds are also available for filming at Church Farm and Box Hall Farm.

Our countryside locations in Essex for filming are hosted by film-friendly owners who are keen to offer their help and support in ensuring your production happens with ease . Providing a helpful service is highly important to both us and our farm owners, we will always try our best to find the right filming location for you.


All of our shoot locations in Essex are available to hire for photoshoots. Farms make very popular locations for photoshoots as they provide a huge variety of backdrops and settings, all unique in their own way. If you are looking to hire a farm in Essex for a photoshoot, then look no further. Sitting amongst our collection of farms could be your next perfect shoot location.

We’ve arranged the hire of farms as photoshoot locations for fashion shoots, advertising campaigns, magazine editorials and private projects.

Fashion brand ‘Mother of Pearl’ recently chose Monks Farm in Essex as the shoot location to promote their new Spring /Summer collection. The farm’s landscape of golden wheat turned out to be the ideal setting to compliment the new clothing range with a dramatic finishing look. 

Our Essex locations can provide backdrops for all types and sizes of productions with a diverse mix of buildings, landscape and even props, including untouched original treasures and those of the more modern era. Sunflower fields, golden crops, expansive lakes, Victorian farmhouses and historic courtyards are just some of the backdrops available on our farms in Essex.

We also have a unique selection of farm locations in the county that provide less ‘expected’ backdrops, highlighting how versatile and inspiring our British farms can be. Monks Farm is home to an impressive 12th century Priory, which has recently been restored and now preserved in its original state, and is available to photograph both inside and out. 

Most of our countryside locations in Essex provide a selection of animals that are available to hire, including pigs, sheep, cows and horses. The farms are also usually home to various props that can be used for a photoshoot. Your typical vintage tractors and stacked hay bales are just a couple of the popular props requested but there are plenty more unusual items too.  

Producing a photoshoot in the great British countryside really doesn’t have to involve long commutes and logistical challenges. We make the process as efficient as possible and will do everything we can to make your next stills project happen with ease. With sustainability at the fore, take advantage of what the great outdoors has to offer close to London and see all the potential photoshoot backdrops a farm location can bring.

If you cant find the right photoshoot location amongst our collection of farms in Essex below or using our online search portal, please get in touch and we will see if we can help.

Newest Locations in Essex

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