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Isolated houses across the UK

Our portfolio offers a range of isolated houses for filming and photoshoots as beautiful as they are secluded. Each one providing an individual aesthetic from tumbled down cottages of yesteryear and dilapidated stone hovels to brick houses standing tall against a wide sky backdrop. Located across the UK we showcase isolated houses on the banks of loch’s, in the middle of crossroads that seem to lead nowhere and set at the edge of open moorland.

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Spotlight on a very modern isolated home

Not all isolated houses are from a past era. Lake House Farm’s boathouse, in Hertfordshire, is a stunning example 21st century architecture set on the edge of its own lake with jetty and boat access. Perched over the water and offering a stylishly cool setting both inside and out.


Filming and photoshoots at Isolated houses

Isolated houses with unusual or stunning backdrops are highly sought after for photoshoots and filming productions. two very different locations both featured in recent campaigns. Saddle Farm in the East Sussex countryside was the setting for an Auto-trader in house production. Whilst Lake House Farm recently had an Esquire Italia fashion shoot.

The Isolated Scottish Bothy

This remote bothy sits at the heart of the Glen Esk Estate. A landscape typical of the Scottish highlands, but only a stones throw from Edinburgh. The isolated cottage is situated on the edge of a ‘loch’ with its own rowing boat and jetty that extends out into the deep waters and is surrounded by the breathtaking rolling hills of the Pentlands.

Newest Locations with Isolated houses


Glen Esk Estate, EH26

Exclusive shortlist

Scotts Valley Farm, ML12


Ladylands Estate, RH13


Lake House Farm, AL4

Exclusive shortlist

Dakota Farm, GL7

Exclusive shortlist

Exmoor Farm, TA24

Exclusive shortlist

Coed Newydd Farm, SA19


Old Valley Farm, GU6


Topsy Farm Estate, MK43

Exclusive shortlist

Saddle Farm, TN31


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