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Located in the south-east of England, our locations in Surrey for filming and photoshoots are not far from Greater London, with a slice of the county extending inside the M25

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The collection of countryside locations in Surrey for filming and photoshoots prove to be very convenient options when seeking to shoot close to the capital.

Explore our collection of farms and other rural Surrey locations today – your next ideal shoot location could be easier and closer than you may think.


All our farms in Surrey are available to hire for filming. You can use our bespoke online search portal to explore the extensive portfolio of farm locations, all hand-picked and with something unique to offer. If you can’t find your ideal film location online, please get in touch with us and we will do our best to help. 

Filming on a farm in Surrey provides endless opportunities with the diversity in its landscape and huge variety of backdrops and settings available; all unique in their own way. The county opens its doors to some of England’s most stunning and accessible countryside. Deemed as the most wooded county in the country, Surrey offers plenty of variation in its landscape, along with the iconic hills and valleys it’s admired for.

We are proud to have worked alongside countless trusted and award-winning clients, sourcing film locations for feature films, TV dramas, short films, music promotion videos, and TV commercials. Our farms in Surrey have recently welcomed clients including ITV and Netflix.

From grand Country Estates to traditional red-brick farmhouses, from remote old barns to quintessential English courtyard settings, there is an endless array of shoot opportunities, both inside and out. Filming on a farm can transport you to another era or even a different country, there’s so much potential to be had.

Multiple looks can be achieved across different parts of one single farm, especially with the diverse collection of properties and buildings that they can be home to. One of the farms that we secured for the new The Larkins production is located in Surrey; Ford Farm. Various areas across the farm estate were used during filming; the production team were able to cherry pick a handful of cottages and houses whilst also using the estate’s private drives for “road scenes” and a sheep field for the fairground. 

Old Valley Farm is another popular film location based in Surrey, recently being chosen as the shoot location for the filming of an upcoming TV series. Located just over an hour’s drive from London and with no requirement of passports, the farm transported the major production to Hungary with its tree species and horizon lines. Old Valley Farm is a great option when looking to film multiple scenes at one single location. The farm features a large country house, along with numerous farm cottages and a collection of old, unconverted 17th century barns.

Within an hours drive of the capital, you can find Summer Farm, also available to hire for filming. The farm provides quintessential English charm and rusticity with its traditional courtyard and charming red-brick farmhouse, complete with a cottage garden.

All of the farms in Surrey for filming are hosted by film-friendly owners offering plenty of space and support to make a film brief happen with ease. The experience and reputation we have built within the film industry is driven by the helpful service we offer and we will always try our best to find exactly the right filming location for you.


All of our farms in Surrey are available to hire for photoshoots. We’ve arranged the hire of farms as locations for fashion shoots, advertising campaigns, magazine editorials and private projects.

Shooting in the great outdoors opens up a world of possibilities. When filming on a farm, the opportunities are endless, original and inspirational. Our collection of farms in Surrey are home to a diverse mix of buildings, landscape and even props, including untouched treasures and those of the more modern era.

From the traditional quintessential English farmyards experienced at our Summer Farm and Sandy Farm to the impressive country houses at Ford Farm and Old Valley Farm, there’s plenty to be unearthed. 

Our farms in Surrey provide a huge opportunity when looking to capture close to the water’s edge, with access to riverbanks, lakes, ponds and streams. Summer Farm is nestled along the banks of the River Wey, providing great water frontage with its 1200m of riverside access and oxbow pond. Wide river access and large fishing lakes are also available for shoots at Ford Farm.

Farms are not only hired for their array of outside settings, they also offer impressive interior backdrops too. A photoshoot for fashion brand, Vanessa Mooney, was carried out at Ford Farm to promote a new clothing collection. Along with the exterior backdrops available at the farm, the production team also chose to shoot inside too. The ancient manor house provided a set full of elegance and timeless beauty with its vintage furnishings and decor. 

Most of our farms in Surrey provide a selection of animals that are available for photoshoot hire, including pigs, sheep, cows and horses. The farms are also usually home to various props that can be used for a photoshoot. Your typical vintage tractors and stacked hay bales are just a couple of the popular props requested but there are plenty more unusual items too.  

Producing a photoshoot in the great British countryside really doesn’t have to involve long commutes and logistical challenges. We make the process as efficient as possible and will do everything we can to make your next photoshoot project happen with ease. With sustainability at the fore, take advantage of what the great outdoors has to offer close to London and see all the potential photoshoot backdrops a farm location can bring.

If you cant find the right photoshoot location amongst our collection of farms in Surrey below or using our online search portal, please get in touch and we will see if we can help.

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