Animals Galore for Sister Jane Fashion Shoot

This week, we hosted a small crew from Sister Jane at Brick House Farm, near Ashford Kent. Animals were a key part of the brief for this fashion shoot and Brick House did not disappoint.

With the days being so short in December, the crew opted for a shoot-and-stay option, arriving the night before and splitting themselves between the fishing shack accommodation on the farm, as well as a room at the Woolpack Inn just down the road in Tenterden. Their shoot day could then start as early as they wished.

Sister Jane BTS 3

The clothing brand’s brief was focussed on ANIMALS.  Brick House Farm was chosen for its complete array – including geese, chickens, ponies, sheep, pigs, a labrador and a cow!

Sister Jane BTS 1

Brick House Farm also has some wonderful old barns, a lovely farmhouse and a full mix of country props, including vintage bikes, a horse wagon and a caravan.

The December fashion shoot for Sister Jane is to launch the brand’s early Spring collection. A frosty start did not worry the crew. The blue skies, animals, fields and warm welcome set the tone for a very productive day. The owner also catered for the team on site, with the fishing shack accommodation doubling up for wardrobe, make up, hair, and dining  – small but perfectly formed! The campaign goes live mid January. Cannot wait.

Read more about Brick House Farm as a shoot location here.

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