06th Nov 2014

A deserted farmstead. The perfect location.

Great Knights Farm is surely a dream location for many a film or photographic shoot?

A fabulous canvas of old farm buildings, left to age over time, all clustered in a sheltered spot on the valley’s side, Great Knights is now available as a farm location for filming or photography.

Approaching the farmstead of Great Knights Farm

Approaching the farmstead of Great Knights Farm

As well as the buildings for backdrops, there are also the far-reaching beautiful views, the lush pastures, hedgerows and fallen trees to use in your filming.

Great Knights Farm truly is one of a kind. There are very few “forgotten” farmsteads around these days, most of which have been “done up”, converted and sold on again.

And perched on the Brede Valley, just across the river from Hare Farm, you can easily combine locations on both farms to broaden your range of backdrops.

Great Knights is less than 1.5 hours from London, there is plenty of accommodation close by and the local pub will gladly cater for you.

See more details about Great Knights Farm here.


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