01st May 2021

Harvest Time in the Summer

The corn fields ripen from May onwards, and from July the first fields of winter barley and winter oilseed rape are  cut. Hard work for farmers, captivating for onlookers, harvest time is a momentous milestone in the farming calendar when the fruits of many months of costs and labour are finally gathered in.

A glorious sight in the english countryside, harvest time heralds the height of summer time and  tells a very big story on film. It really deserves to be photographed more and here at Farm Locations we can offer lots of harvesting locations across England.

This field of gold is a field of barley, with its wispy ears starting to droop, laden with grain within. Imagine a summer fashion shoot taken here on location in the barley fields.

Barley field

From late July through to early September the corn is cut when ripe and dry. What is a more powerful and satisfying sight than seeing the mighty force of a huge machine safely gathering in the nation’s food? This field of oilseed rape being cut by a New Holland combine harvester is on location at Whitehall Farm, Romney Marsh.

Combine harvester - Whitehall farm

When the barley and wheat fields are harvested, straw is left behind the combine harvester, ready to be baled.  Below are large “square” bales of wheat straw, on location at Forty Acre Farm on the Romney Marsh in Kent. These are larger versions of the small traditional bales which are also still produced. The imposing electricity pylons that lead to Dungeness power station are a reminder that Forty Acre Farm is the closest arable farm to Dungeness.

Baling straw - Forty Acre Farm

Bales can also be made into large round ones. These hay bales below are destined for winter cattle and sheep fodder, and were baled in one of the vast fields of the Romney Marsh, close to the wind turbines. Dramatic skies, textured props and a couple of helpers taking a break can make for something very interesting.

round bales

Grab the moment and take advantage of the wheat fields’ skies and vast expanses of agricultural land before harvest time, by planning for your film or photo shoot to be based in one of the ripening corn fields. Or meet the action head on and we can arrange a shoot whilst the machines are hard at work – combine harvesters, tractors and trailers (carting grain or carting bales), balers and more. And if you do miss the peak of activity, there’s chance all year long to make the most of the textural backdrops that hay or straw stacks offer for a photo shoot, arranged inside or out. Just give Jo a call on 07802 979348 or email [email protected] to discuss your brief.

Haystack - Hare Farm


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