04th Sep 2015

Pumpkin Fields in their Prime

Over 200 acres of pumpkins are being grown in Kent to help serve some of the nation’s huge demand for this year’s Halloween festivities. And what an incredible sight it is, to walk amongst the hundreds of ripening pumpkins peppered across the fields. Grab the moment and plan a photo or film shoot before the carving begins…

Pumpkin field Ashford Kent

The pumpkin fields are near Ashford in Kent and picking has just started to be sure to get the pumpkins delivered to stores on time for Halloween. That said, there will still be many pumpkins lying in the fields through to at least the middle of October.

For any film-makers, photographers, production houses or agencies needing to find a pumpkin field location for a pressing photo or film shoot, please get in touch with your brief and we will do our best to fit a shoot around the goings-on on the farm.



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