15th Jul 2015

Pretty Potato Fields

We like to think that farm locations are much more interesting than urban ones. The seasons play their big part in presenting a much more vast array of backdrops to choose from. A winter’s landscape, a spring lamb, a summer’s harvest or an autumnal leaf change, the changing seasons bring new life, new produce, new developments, all at the same single location. And here at Farm Locations, we don’t just have just a single location, we have many. All are available as shoot locations, all just an hour of so from London, in Kent and East Sussex.

One such backdrop that draws the eye at this time of year are the potato fields in flower. White flowers or pink denote the different potato varieties, and their consistency of height and space makes for an impressive blanket of colour. Step in close and admire the peaked mounds of soil where the potatoes beneath are growing well, especially with the help of water irrigation, sourced from the network of ditches found on the Romney Marsh.

Potatoes in flower - Whitehall Farm

Whitehall Farm also has some early potatoes, now ready for digging. From field to fork in less than an hour, they melt in the mouth come tea time, making the ups and downs of potato farming that little bit more palatable.

New potatoes - Whitehall Farm

Whether you  are a supermarket chain marketing your new season’s potatoes or a fashion brand seeking an arresting background, get in touch to organise your film or photo shoot on location in the potato field.

Potatoes in flower from May – August. Grown at Whitehall Farm, Romney Marsh, Kent.



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