19th Dec 2018

Carhartt choose real farmers as models for latest photoshoot

Carhartt is a brand which puts farming at the core. After all, this American brand of workwear has been the farmer’s favourite for decades. The European market is relatively new for Carhartt, and the UK is still small. That all said and done, the farming team at Hare Farm in East Sussex have been bowled over by the company, its people and clothing quality, since hosting a photo shoot on the farm last week. And not only did Hare Farm provide a “shoot and stay” solution, Farm Locations also coordinated the farmer models too. That was us! Me, husband, brother, sister-in-law and 3 other farm hands, all thrown in at the deep end and put in front of a camera for the first time.

It was a super day, very relaxed and very much about “just do what you do”. We, the farmers,  lookered and moved sheep, worked the collies, rode the quad bike, loaded the landrover and trailer, mended fencing and finished the day in a more unlikely setting: around a campfire in the woods. Producer James, once a bushcraft leader, gutted and cooked a salmon, whilst the rest of us stoked the fires and called it a wrap with a local beer.


The results of the Carhartt photoshoot will roll out from January, including look books, digital marketing, blogs, ads and more. The day at Hare Farm was the first photoshoot in the UK for Carhartt. The creative team led by Brian Bennett and photographer Victoria Will had flown over from Michigan, US. James Ward, UK-based producer led the organisation from England and Farm Locations facilitated the location hire at Hare Farm , the accommodation at Hare Farm Oast, the catering from Seasons, Wild and Free and the casting (friends and family :)).

Another piece of work where Farm Locations does more than the typical locations library. Try me. Drop me a line or call 07802 979348. 








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