27th May 2024

5 reasons to shoot on a Farm in the Summer

At Farm Locations, you are talking to the experts in farms and farming, and so we can help you with what’s going on on a farm through the seasons and what to expect when looking to shoot on a farm in the Summer. We thought you’d love to take a look at filming and photoshoots that have happened over past summers and maybe provide a little inspiration for projects going forward. When is the UK countryside more captivating than when you can visit a farm in warmer weather? Nothing is more idyllic or dreamy than the rolling green hills and clear blue skies of an English Summer captured on camera.

Here are 5 of the most popular reasons for why photographers and film-makers have chosen to shoot on a farm in the Summer.

1. The Promise of Summer

The summer begins in April, with a hint of what’s to come with blossom hanging from trees in orchards across the countryside, and bluebells creating carpets of blue in woodlands. Fields of apple and cherry trees burst forth with blossom the sky with ‘summer snow’ in a gentle breeze that wafts sweet scent cross the fields. Bare trees begin to sprout leaves and bloom into green giants standing in copses or woodlands or as solitary Oaks in the middle of open fields.


2. Enjoying the fields of flowers

From May-time, step out of the woods into the fields where wildflowers can run riot . Swathes of yellow oil seed rape, crimson clover, white radishes, or blue linseed are seen from April to peak Summer as commercial crops, or the more natural wild flower meadows include white ox eye daisies, mixes of flowers, cloudy cow parsley in the headlands and simply long grasses allowed to grow and slowly bleach from days of summer sunshine.

Would you like to see our locations with fields of wild flowers?


3. Hazy days on Waterways

Shoot on a farm in the Summer, and enjoy the waterways which begin to warm up and the ponds and lakes find themselves edged with growing grasses and cow parsley, boat sized lily pads and darting dragonflies. As the grasses grow taller and the sun rises higher the scene is set for lazy days on waterways, and many farms have a rowing boat to enjoy too.

Our locations with lakes and ponds are here.


4. Golden fields bathed in sunlight

Green crops start to ripen from June with fields of  oats, wheat and barley turning to gold and offering a fantastic backdrop for photoshoots. Haymaking begins in June and and the baling of straw begins starts in July, with bales dotted across fields and stacked into sheds, offering brilliant graphic backdrops. The brilliant bonus of bales is that they are stored all year long, so it’s a prop that can extend beyond the Summer.

5. And finally, The English Garden

Of course we couldn’t miss off the quintessential English garden that comes into its own during the summers season. From naturalistic cottage to manicured expansive formal gardens, gardens found on farms and estates are wonderful to shoot in during the Summer . Pergolas of roses, huge mop headed hydrangeas, sweet smelling honeysuckle, tumbling wisteria, varied clematis and eventually purple headed lavender provide a riot of colour across several months.

How about these English gardens for hire?


What’s happening now?

Call us! We are in touch regularly with our owners and will keep you updated on what’s in season across all of our farms and rural locations. If we can hear your brief, we will make sure we can send the most suitable solutions and latest photos, so you can see how Summer months can truly bring your creative brief to life! Shoot on a farm in the Summer, it’s the best!

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