16th Oct 2022

BBC Radio 4 talks “Farms on Film”

BBC Radio 4’s “On Your Farm” programme returned for a new series today, and the first episode was right up our track: Farms on Film.

Producer Heather approached Farm Locations’ Jo a few weeks ago, with rural-affairs broadcaster Charlotte Smith being fascinated about farms becoming film sets as a new farm diversification route for landowners to consider.

We arranged for Charlotte and Heather to visit Chapel and Austin Farms last month, when we were hosting a major feature film starring Jason Statham.

Charlotte interviewed Jo from Farm Locations, farm owners Lorna and Crispin, and also Ben who led the location management for the feature film.

From L-R: Jo Thompson (Farm Locations), Ben Sanderson (Supervising Location Manager), Charlotte Smith (Presenter “On Your Farm”), Lorna Roberts (Farm owner), Heather Simons (Producer “On Your Farm”)

Listen to “Farms on Film”

If you missed listening live this morning (at 6.35am it’s unlikely everyone set their alarm for it!), the episode is now on BBC Sounds and can be listened to here:

Radio 4 “On Your Farm” : Farms on Film 

Diversifying into Filming – is it for me?

Having listened to the episode of Farms on Film you might now be thinking that putting your own farm location forward is something you’d love to consider more seriously. Please do get in touch! The farms that are most appealing will be within the “golden circle of London” just like Chapel and Austin Farms, needless to say we are open to hearing from landowners across Britain, and let’s see where the conversation takes us.

Register your interest here 


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