Locations with Fields of Crops

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Take a look at our varied range of locations with fields of crops for hire, nationwide.

60 locations are in the portfolio relevant to “Fields of Crops”

36 are exclusive to us

What Crops and When?

As the only specialist locations agency in the UK, trust us to provide the right information about what crops are growing in Britain’s fields, and what they look like, and when. We look after a wide range of farms, growing all sorts of crops from the classic types of wheat and barley, to more unusual varieties, such as borage, sunflowers, miscanthus and linseed. We also have connections with large vegetable farms and salad leaf farms too.

Here’s a taster for what to expect and when


Miscanthus (elephant grass) stands tall and golden.

Autumn sown cereal crops (eg wheat, barley, oilseed rape) are green and up to 1 foot high

APRIL to JUNE, the soil warms up, more crops are planted and growth is vigorous

Yellow oilseed rape starts to flow (turns to seed pods early June)

Cereal crops get taller and stay green until June – they turn golden with the sun and heat

Pretty floral crops start flowering in June (eg fields of borage (blue), linseed (blue), flax (white))

SUMMER, the golden phase

From late June, crops of corn turn to gold – wheat, barley, oats and rye

Harvest starts from mid July to mid Sepetmber, so standing crops are available throughout the whole of Summer

Maize grows tall (up to 8 feet) and slowly fades to gold in the very late Summer


Sunflowers in full bloom in September

Tall maize turns golden and is harvested late September/October

New crops are planted for next year

Newest Locations with Fields of Crops


Domesday Manor Farm, CO10


Blue Sky Farm, SN8


Park Acres Estate, SG14


Tweed Estate, TD12


Bygone Farm, TN11


Dragonfly Farm, RH12

Exclusive shortlist

Pitt Rivers Estate, SP5


Austen Estate, RG25

Exclusive shortlist

Longhouse Farm, EX17


Old Kentish Farm, ME18


Middleton Estate, SY8

Exclusive shortlist

Basset Farm, OX25


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