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Our locations in Oxfordshire for filming and photoshoots extend across the whole region, opening doors into The Cotswolds, The Chilterns and the North Wessex Downs; the county’s three Area’s of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

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With many of our locations in Oxfordshire only an hours drive from the centre of the capital and major London film Studios, these farms make very popular film and photo shoot locations when looking to hire close to the city. With excellent crew facilities and ‘Shoot and Stay’ options, shooting within the great outdoors could be easier and closer than you may think.


All our locations in Oxfordshire are available to hire for filming. You can use our bespoke online search portal to explore the extensive portfolio of farm locations, all hand-picked and with something unique to offer. If you can’t find your ideal film location online, please get in touch with us and we will do our best to help.

Filming on a farm in Oxfordshire provides endless opportunities with its huge variety of backdrops and settings; all unique in their own way. Undoubtedly among the country’s most stunning landscapes, the chalky North Wessex Downs lies within the southern part of Oxfordshire, providing a wonderful setting for film productions. Found within this remote, rolling downland are our very own Long Ear Farm, Hilltop Farm and Coach Farm.

Another idyllic stretch of breathtaking countryside can be found in the south of the county; The Chilterns. Flora Farm sits within the heart of this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and allows London productions easy access to this rural haven of wild flower meadows and grass fields, all within a 30 minutes drive of the M25. Flora Farm provides a ‘Shoot and Stay’ option too, with the use of two wooden cabins onsite, available for use by film crews.

Located at the foot of the Chiltern Hills, you can find ‘Red Farm’; a film location covering 400 acres of rolling historical pasture. This working livestock farm is home to a herd of Aberdeen Angus cattle and a sheep flock too. With two traditional farmyards featuring old and new farm buildings, a period farmhouse, cottages and smart converted barns, there’s plenty of variety on offer for your filming and photography needs.

Travelling North of the county, takes you on a special journey through one of Englands most unspoiled regions; The Cotswolds. Known for its ‘quintessentially English’ setting of rolling countryside, ancient woodland, classic stone buildings and stone walls dividing up the landscape, this unique area provides endless outdoor film opportunities.

Cotswold Farm is a small, working farm located within the beautiful Cotswold hills, featuring traditional stone farm buildings surrounded by stretches of grassland, wild flower meadows and woodland. This film location is easily manageable as a day shoot from London with its local train links and 2 hour drive from the capital.

Oxfordshire remains a very agricultural region, with over half of the county’s agricultural land used for the growing of cereal crops. With the majority of the county’s undeveloped land remaining as rural farmland, there’s plenty of options on offer for outdoor filming, all available in helping you find your ideal countryside setting.

We are proud to have worked alongside countless trusted and award-winning clients, sourcing film locations for feature films, TV dramas, short films, music promotion videos, and TV commercials.

Many of our locations in Oxfordshire find themselves less than an hours drive of major film studios in particular Pinewood Studios, Leavesden Studios and West London Film Studios, making them extremely convenient film locations for London based crews. Flora Farm, Nuncourt Estate, Riverside Farm, Coach Farm and Red Farm are all located within an hours drive of Leavesden Studio.

Farms are not only hired for their shoot-friendly settings and features, they also have many practical uses too including for storage space, set builds or chosen as a unit base option only. With many of our farms featuring large warehouses and barn spaces, some of which are only in use for a slice of the calendar year, they can make very useful short or long term storage solutions for props or materials. Long Ear Farm is home to three large, modern grain stores, which are vast in terms of both size and height, making them ideal potential set-build, studio or storage spaces.

All of our locations for filming are hosted by film-friendly owners offering plenty of space and support to make a film brief happen with ease. The experience and reputation we have built within the film industry is driven by the helpful service we offer and we will always try our best to find exactly the right filming location for you.


All of our locations in Oxfordshire are available to hire for photoshoots. We’ve arranged the hire of farms as locations for fashion shoots, advertising campaigns, magazine editorials and private projects.

Farms make very popular locations for photoshoots as they provide a huge variety of backdrops and settings, all unique in their own way. If you are looking to hire a farm in Oxfordshire for a photoshoot, then look no further. Sitting amongst our collection of farms could be your next perfect shoot location.

Our collection of photoshoot locations in Oxfordshire are home to a diverse mix of buildings, landscape and even props, including untouched original treasures and those of the more modern era. Stone barns, traditional courtyards, thatched cottages, wood cabins, wild flower fields and walled gardens are just some of the photoshoot backdrops available on our farms in Oxfordshire.

With the River Thames flowing directly through the county, our Oxfordshire farms also offer some of the most idyllic water frontage too. The beautiful, weeping-willow covered Thames backwater at Riverside Farm or the tranquil water’s edge setting with remote island at Coach Farm are all available to hire for your next photoshoot project.

Producing a photoshoot in the great British countryside really doesn’t have to involve long commutes and logistical challenges. We make the process as efficient as possible and will do everything we can to make your next stills project happen with ease. With sustainability at the fore, take advantage of what the great outdoors has to offer and see all the potential photoshoot backdrops a farm location can bring.

If you cant find the right photoshoot location amongst our collection of farms in Oxfordshire below or using our online search portal, please get in touch and we will see if we can help.

Newest Locations in Oxfordshire

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Riverside Farm, OX14


Nuncourt Estate, OX44


Ox Farm, OX49


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