17th Mar 2022

It’s Lambing Time, A Magical Time

I cannot stop taking photos when working on the farm at lambing time. There’s just one cute photo opportunity after another.

At Hare Farm, near Rye, East Sussex, we are now in the middle of the most busy and rewarding time of the year, seeing nearly 2000 new lambs enter the world.

This little lamb is just seconds old, one of a triplet (3) and just about to be licked and dried all over by Mum. Within 15 minutes she was walking, and within 30 minutes she was suckling. Such a miracle to behold.

newborn lamb at Hare Farm, Sussex

All our new mothers and her lambs stay in small pens for their first two days. By then, they have bonded well and are ready to go back out to the fields. This little shepherd is giving one of the lambs a helping hand to find Mum who’s run off for fresh grass!!

Lamb cuddles at Hare Farm, Sussex

At Hare Farm, we have over 900 ewes with lambs. From 10th March, the lambs are born and for weeks and months afterwards, the fields are peppered with wonderful balls of fluff, entertaining their onlookers who stay in the Oast house holiday let.

The last house at Hare Farm at lambing time

The lambing season is really hard work. So much attention is given to ensure mothers and lambs are healthy, bonded and thriving.

Today, we have welcomed belgian film-makers to Hare Farm who have been thrilled by the lambing spectacle. lambs by the shepherd's hut


If you’d like to shoot on location on a farm at lambing time, or indeed at any time of the year, please get in touch with us at [email protected]


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