Locations with Forests and Woodland

For Filming and Photoshoots

The collection of forests and woodland available here for filming is widespread and varied across the UK.

149 locations are in the portfolio relevant to “Forests and Woodland”

94 are exclusive to us

Pine Forests and all-things Evergreen

Several of the woodland locations have strips, pockets or vast sways of pines and evergreens.


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Tracks and Roadways

When driving scenes are needed through the trees, here are some forests and woodland for filming which have excellent vehicle access and trackways

Productions in the Woods

From major dramas to quirky music promos and Christmas fashion shoots, our forests and woodland for filming have been the settings for an array of film and photographic productions. A few of our favourites are here.

A note from the owners of Cherry Farm

“We love being helpful when a production shoots on the farm. We can now count 5 times when we have dug a grave for the art department in the woodland here at Cherry Farm. Challenge accepted!”

Introducing Evergreen Farm

Evergreen Farm was once a fully-functioning garden nursery, dedicated to the promotion of evergreen trees, plants and shrubs. Still fully planted and with its core structure in place, the location is a brilliant take-over set for a production wanting a creative, planted landscape.

Evergreen Farm, BN27

Where Water Flows

Valley Farm in Buckinghamshire is a brilliant location for blending water with trees. A vast 50 acre lake is edged by woodland, a river runs through swathes of trees and woodland areas, and there is also a small waterfall or weir on location.

When looking for forests and woodland for filming, with bodies of water in view too, Valley Farm is a great location choice.

See Valley Farm, HP7


Our newest forest location for filming is FOREST ACRES in Surrey, an exquisite 70 acre site with 50 acres of pine forests, complete with excellent access and track ways through the trees, also with a beech avenue, clearings and unspoilt victorian buildings adjacent to the woodland.

The owners are very film-friendly, and are used to night-time filming and long hires with sizeable units, as well as small crews who are pleased with a simple shelter in one of the outbuildings.

The pencil straight pine trees that span tens of acres are a spectacular backdrop, and the adjacent grassy fields give more aspects to embrace the epic treescape. Forests and woodland for filming do not get much better than Forest Acres.

See more of Forest Acres

Our Top Picks with Forests and Woodland


Old Valley Farm, GU6

Exclusive shortlist

Battle Farm, TN33

Exclusive shortlist

Cherry Farm, WD5


Clay Pit Wood, HP23

Exclusive shortlist

Jolly Farm, TN14


Chalk Farm Estate, TN15


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