Locations with Pine and Evergreen Forests

For Filming and Photoshoots

50 locations are in the portfolio relevant to “Pine and Evergreen Forests”

28 are exclusive to us

Pine Forests as Film Sets

Take a look at some favourites for pencil straight pines in impressive expanses, all of which are owned by film-friendly owners eager to please.

Introducing Evergreen Farm

Not your typical farm location, Evergreen Farm was once a thriving garden nursery, specialising in evergreen plants. Its legacy lives on with beautiful plantations of evergreen trees, surrounding lakes, nursery buildings and bordering ancient native species woodland too.

Just over 20 acres in size, choose this location for some wonderfully creative backdrops, whilst being well looked after in the old cafe and other inspiring bases dotted around teh site.

Evergreen Farm, BN27

A Cabin in the Trees

The huntsman’s cabin at Crocus Farm borders a pine forest and more woodland besides. It’s dressed simply inside and is in a private spot to create your own dreamy, horrific or spooky set.

Crocus Farm, SN8

Newest Locations with Pine and Evergreen Forests


Soldier Lands, GU3

Exclusive shortlist

Heathland Farm, TN7


Glen Esk Estate, EH26

Exclusive shortlist

Teapot Estate, NN17

Exclusive shortlist

Scotts Valley Farm, ML12


Heather Estate, ML11


Park Acres Estate, SG14


Tweed Estate, TD12


Lake House Farm, AL4


Timber Lands, RH5


Dragonfly Farm, RH12

Exclusive shortlist

Dales Way Farm, BD23


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