05th Jan 2015

New Farm Location – An Olive Grove in Kent

“Farm Locations” has been created not least to showcase the breadth and depth of fabulous farm locations there are to offer for filming and photography, just an hour’s drive or train ride from London.

There’s no better example to broaden the mind and promote Britain’s farming diversity than to introduce into the mix an olive grove. It is the first of its kind, and still remains the only outdoors commercial olive grove in Britain. How extraordinary to recently enjoy the unique sight of a deep mid-winter frost amongst olive trees, on the banks overlooking the Romney Marsh in Kent.

Winter on the olive grove

Winter on the olive grove

Planted 3 years ago, the olive varieties have been carefully selected with characteristics thought to withstand the colder climates of southern England. Indeed, set on an extensive south-facing bank on the edge of the Isle of Oxney, this British olive grove has already dispelled the idea that olives can only be grown in areas such as the Meditterranean. The 2014 harvest produced sufficient yields and a much-applauded intense flavour for the local restaurant to use. The long term ambition is for them to be used to produce the first British extra virgin olive oil.

The olive harvest

The olive harvest

The Davy family’s groundbreaking venture has already understandably created much media interest, as well as interest from trade bodies and farmers from around the world.

For those looking for a mediterranean flavour in their filming or photography, consider Huggit’s Farm in Kent as a potential solution. The farm also includes an orchard and the delightful period farmhouse for location shoots too.

For enquiries, call Jo on 07802 979348 or email [email protected]


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