09th Feb 2015

Lambing time is Film time

It’s not long now before lambing begins. From mid February to early April, lambs will be being born on our Kent and Sussex farms.

Film or photo shoots can occur in the lambing sheds and yards, or outside in the umpteen fields across hundreds of acres of pasture.

Lambing time for film or photo shootsThroughout March, the lambing sheds will be a hive of activity. At Hare Farm, East Sussex, 1000 ewes are expected to give birth within 3 weeks, making the chances of seeing births every day very likely. Newborn lambs and their mothers are then looked after in the maternity ward.

Filming in the maternity ward

Film or photo shoots at lambing time

Come April, the fields will be bursting with frivolity as the lambs build confidence and friendship groups. There should also be some friendly orphaned lambs to bottle feed, a source of delight for many a child.

Bottle-feeding lambs for film or photo shoots

As the lambs get older out in the fields, the photographic opportunities continue. Take one such field, at about mid-morning when its feed time for the mothers. The lambs take flight, skipping and racing, round and round a big grass hole – it’s their own version of a grand prix in the velodrome.

Lambs on film set on farm location in Sussex

Where there are lambs, there’s a little Bo Peep.


Along with the the human kind, lambing help also comes in the guise of tireless border collies, land rovers and quad bikes.


And when the sun’s out, there’s nothing better than to be on the farm at lambing time. It’s captivating.

On location at lambing time

If you’d like to discuss ideas for arranging a film or photo shoot on location in the lambing sheds or fields, please give Jo a call on 07802 979348 or email [email protected].


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