11th May 2020

Can I Help You?

The last few weeks have been mind-blowing, and with the industry frantically sharing issues, updates and ideas, trying to predict a way out of these worrying times, I’ve offered a hand and stayed firmly focussed on light being at the end of this tunnel.

As and when we have the nod to do so, I look forward to helping those scouting for their next shoot, and re-arranging locations for shoots that have had to stall.

The big upside to these quiet times of shooting, means that time has swung towards bringing on lots of new locations. With the help of plenty of press coverage this year, new farm enquiries are flowing through the doors, mainly from landowners who are pleased to find an agency who understands and cares. From vast estates in Northumberland to small vineyards in Penzance, there is plenty of new to inspire you in the coming weeks and months. Indeed, most are new to location shoots, giving us plenty of fresh, new locations to hire. I’ve not had chance to visit myself yet, but hope to do so once restrictions lift, at least to those within easier striking distance of Kent.

Unlike some locations agencies, I’ve not felt the need to categorise the locations portfolio into categories that are covid-safe or not. The portfolio here all come under the same category in fact – Outdoors – which can only be a good thing once baby steps into shoots happen again. So it’s for our production teams to decide when to start planning again – safe to say all locations have acres of outdoor space, and lots of farm interiors are spacious and airy, with minimal (if any) human use. Let’s hope crews can start arriving on a farm before the days start to cool and shorten again.

In the meantime, if you’d like to point a brief my way, or would like to be a future location, please get in touch with me, Jo. I’m based at home, and ready to help where I can.





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