20th Oct 2014

Farm Locations is Born

Farmer’s grand daughter, farmer’s daughter, now also farmer’s wife. Farm life always has been and always will be my life.

Farm children

Farm children and their world

Time and again, friends, family, guests, they all comment on how lucky we are. Time and again, I stop in my tracks and savour the views, the natural world. Those of our own farm. Those of our neighbours. My camera goes with me everywhere. There are too many photographic opportunities to count. Too many times have I thought that this scene should be in a brochure, on a poster, on film. Once leading multi-million pound advertising campaigns for various brands, I used to spend hours deliberating over locations.

One thing leads to another, and here I am, now offering our farm, and those of others as a location for others to enjoy, to photograph, to film. It’s a simple set up. I showcase farming landscapes and scenes to the outside world. I offer a one point of contact. I help make it all happen. I let the farmer focus on farming, and the location finder find the locations quicker. Let’s see how things go from here.


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