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The farms featured below are all available to hire for filming and photoshoots in Kent, the Garden of England.

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37 are exclusive to us

Our Kent farms are a very special collection of shoot locations; showcasing the striking variety in landscape on offer across the county. Even though these farms all sit within the same region, there’s a huge difference in terms of both settings and surroundings within reach; from the chalky hilly North Kent Downs to the flat expansive terrain experienced further South on the Romney Marsh.

Bordering Greater London, Kent is a very popular and convenient place for filming and photoshoots. The strong transport connections in place across the county, with fast train links and motorway network, makes Kent easily accessible from central London.

Otherwise known as  ‘The Garden of England’, our Kent farms show you exactly why and how the county lives up to this much deserved title. Orchards brimming full of fruit, traditional hop gardens, historic Oast Houses, quintessential English farmhouses and the renowned Kent Barns, instantly spring to mind as key elements to what this county is celebrated for.


All our farms in Kent are available to hire for filming. You can use our bespoke online search portal to explore the extensive portfolio of farm locations, all hand-picked and with something unique to offer. If you can’t find your ideal film location online, please get in touch with us and we will do our best to help.

Filming on a farm in Kent opens up many doors in terms of both opportunity and discovery. The diversity in the landscape is huge, providing a variety of dramatic film settings. One of England’s most unique landscapes can be found in the South of the county, known as the Romney Marsh. The distinctive flat expansive terrain of wide open fields, endless skies, watercourses, tall reed beds and ditches can be uncovered at our farms including Marsh Farm, Whitehall Farm, Belgar Farm, Forty Acre Farm and Fairfield Farm.

The Romney Marsh is also home to the iconic Fairfield Church, which has been used as a filming location for BBCs adaption of Great Expectations and for the TV series Parade’s End. This St Thomas à Becket Church is poised on the fringes of our very own Fairfield Farm providing uninterrupted views of both the church itself and surrounding marshland.

Travelling north of the county, the North Kent Downs provide a very contrasting look with its lace-work of steep sided dry valleys and rolling hills. In full view, etched into a steep grass bank along the Downs, sits the ‘Wye Crown’ which can be hired as a shoot location at our exclusive Crown Farm.

Where the North Kent Downs meets the sea, you can find White Cliffs Farm, nestled high on the cliff tops, providing unique views across the English Channel and that of Dover Castle. The farm is full of history with its WW2 connections and is also home to a Napoleonic fort.

Kingsland Farm is a National Nature Reserve located on an island in Kent, which is also available to hire for filming. The vast wildness of meadows, wild flowers and waterways provide a remarkable setting for film, a world away from what you would initially expect Kentish landscape to offer.

Our farms in Kent have seen an array of exciting productions, including the filming of music promotion videos, TV advertising, short films, TV shows and dramas.

Parts of filming for the music promotion video of Ellie Goulding’s single ‘River’ was carried out at Manor Farm in Kent, which is located a short distance from the impressive Dungeness coastline. The production team for artist Billy Lockett choose Lodding Farm as the location to shoot the music video for his single ‘Feels so good’.

Filming for TV advertising has taken place on our farms in Kent to produce commercials for Farmdrop, Waitrose and Three Ireland.

Float Farm with its traditional farmstead, farmhouse, Kent Barn and private driveway is another popular film location. The farm has recently welcomed the creators of the short film ‘Reptile’ and was also chosen to host the production for singer-songwriter ‘Heartblake’ to release his single ‘Your Eyes’.

We have also arranged the hire of farms in Kent for the filming of major TV programmes including the Sky series ‘Gangs of London’ at Chalk Farm Estate and the ITV show ‘The Masked Dancer’ where filming was carried out at three of our farms: Austin, Chapel and Chart Farms.

Jolly Farm in Kent was one of the locations used for the filming of the new ITV series The Larkins. This unspoilt ‘old fashioned’ farm and perfectly untouched 1950’s cottage kitchen with original props and furniture provided the crew with the perfect shoot location for the series.

Our farms in Kent for filming are hosted by film-friendly owners who are keen to offer their help and support in ensuring your production happens with ease . Providing a helpful service is highly important to both us and our farm owners, we will always try our best to find the right filming location for you.


All of our farms in Kent are available to hire for photoshoots. We’ve arranged the hire of farms as locations for fashion shoots, advertising campaigns, magazine editorials, pre-wedding shoots and private projects.

Farms make very popular locations for photoshoots as they provide a huge variety of backdrops and settings, all unique in their own way. If you are looking to hire a farm in Kent for a photoshoot, then look no further. Sitting amongst our collection of farms could be your next perfect photoshoot location.

Traditional farmyards, endearing farmhouses, old barns and historic Oast houses are just some of the photoshoots backdrops available when shooting on a farm in Kent.

The old timber-framed Kent Barns are a popular choice for photoshoots for their bygone charm, recently used by clients including Monsoon, Americana Manhasset and Man about Town. These beautiful old barns are available to hire in Kent at Kingsland Farm, Austin Farm, Float Farm and Horsenden Farm.

Shooting in the great outdoors opens up a world of possibilities. The Kentish countryside offers a real mix in landscape with ’Wild and Natural’ in abundance. From wild flower meadows, valley hills, hop gardens, orchards, enchanted woodland, idyllic cottage gardens, marshland and golden wheat fields, there’s so much to discover. Breathtaking colour blocks such as the stunning lavender fields at Chapel Farm are a firm favourite photoshoot location, recently hosting shoots for The Telegraph Women’s style, Esquire Magazine and Urban Outfitters.

Other popular farms to hire in Kent for photoshoots include South Farm, Austin Farm, Present Farm and Float Farm, previously working alongside clients such as High Snobiety, Uniform Bridge & Co, Vogue and Creative Head Magazine.

Many of our farms in Kent provide a selection of animals that are available to hire for photoshoots, including pigs, sheep, cows and horses. The farms are also usually home to various props that can be used for a photoshoot. Your typical vintage tractors and stacked hay bales are just a couple of the popular props requested but there are plenty more unusual items too.

If you cant find the right photoshoot location amongst our collection of farms in Kent below or using our online search portal, please get in touch and we will see if we can help.

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