18th May 2018

NEW! Equestrian Farm Location near London

Something completely different has arrived. This Farm is seriously horsey. And it’s not just the number of horses, breeds and quality that impresses. White Horse Farm is an equestrian farm location like no other because it has a huge array of horse-drawn carriages too, as well as 3 arenas to ride in. The most recent arena is huge – it’s 60m x 30m and is home to many an equestrian event.

So White Horse Farm ticks the horsey box for sure. But it also has some notable additional parts to the farm location too: there’s a large woodland with well trodden tracks running through, a very pretty bridleway  and a dozen or so grass paddocks, extending across flat and rolling landscapes. 

And another great find has been the chalk quarry. And only last month did I have an inquiry for such a location for a fine art shoot. 

The owner at White Horse Farm is very used to events on the farm, and hiring her horses and carriages across the country. Now she is hiring her farm, exclusively through Farm Locations.

Take a look at all the details here at White Horse Farm. 


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