28th Nov 2018

New Farm: Animals galore for hire

Oldlands Farm is owned by a farming couple with a huge passion for animals, especially their award-winning pig herd.

Only this month, the farm won “Pedigree Pig Breeder of the Year” from the 2018 National Pig Awards, setting the standard for pig farming of the rare breed kind. Currently there are 5 breeds of pig on the farm, and being handled regularly (in training for show competitions) the pigs are very film-friendly and there is nearly always a young litter on the farm too.

As well as the pig herd, Oldlands is also home to a flock of  Pole Dorset sheep, seven very well-trained spaniels, chicken, rabbits and even homing pigeons and quail. The old traditional farmyard offers a delightful range of rustic farm backdrops and the rolling hills, small grass fields, ponds and extensive views offer the overall feel of a very charming countryside setting.

Oldlands Farm is super film-friendly.  Channel 5’s Celebs on the Farm was filmed here in May this year, and there is also an opportunity to hire in the animals to another location, if desired.

If Oldlands has something that might be interesting, please let me, Jo know your shoot brief, and we’ll work on a  solution. I know the farm and owners well. Call 07802 979348 or email [email protected].

More details and the full galley of photos of this lovely new farm location are found here. 


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