Locations with Lakes and Ponds

For Filming and Photoshoots

Take a look across our hand-picked portfolio of film-friendly lakes and ponds in the UK

123 locations are in the portfolio relevant to “Lakes and Ponds”

75 are exclusive to us

Lakes Close to London

When seeking a location conveniently close to London, we have a good selection of lakes that are privately owned, and typically form part of a wider farm setting.


Boathouses, Pontoons and Jetties

If you need more than just a body of water, how about a boat house, a jetty or pontoon? Both modern designs and old traditional features can be found at the lakes and ponds for hire for filming or photoshoots.

A Natural amphitheatre for your Set?

We have two lake locations with impressive drops from all sides down to where the lakes have formed in the bowl.

Lakeside Farm in Kent and Hare Farm in Sussex offer dramatic, awe-inspiring vistas that will take your breath away.



Mills and their ponds

We have a handful of old or converted mills or mill houses set close to lakes, ponds or tidal water.




Some highlights of filming and photoshoots at lake locations

Our lake and pond locations have been used in short films, TV commercials, fashion shoots and music promos.

It’s also not been unheard of a production digging their own lake location on a farm, if it makes sense to. Three Ways Farm in Gloucestershire now has a new pond created in 2023 as a result of a feature film hire. The owners are delighted!

Introducing a location with 25 ponds

Float Farm in Kent is a conservationist’s paradise. The owners have sensitively nurtured their farm location into a wildlife haven, where a whole patchwork of more than 25 ponds, knit together with wild flower meadows and pieces of woodland.

There are two ponds in the farmhouse garden, one with a bridge running across and a boat beneath. The ponds then spread out across the farm, and are a magnet for rare species of birdlife, insects and plants.


Float Farm, TN26

Newest Locations with Lakes and Ponds


Parlour Farm, MK45

Exclusive shortlist

Coastal Farm, CT6

Exclusive shortlist

Quarry Lands, DA9


Inspirational Gardens

Exclusive shortlist

Angel Lakes, RH5

Exclusive shortlist

Showman’s Acres, BA4


Waterside Reserve, ME12


Soldier Lands, GU3

Exclusive shortlist

Heathland Farm, TN7

Exclusive shortlist

Mistletoe Farm, WR15

Exclusive shortlist

Dune Cliff Farm, Ireland


Glen Esk Estate, EH26


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