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For Filming and Photoshoots

Take a look at our countryside locations which are located within the M25 motorway. You won't believe you are near London when filming at these locations.

18 locations are in the portfolio relevant to “Inside the M25”

13 are exclusive to us

The following farms are the closest film locations we have to Central London, which are available for hire for filming and photoshoots. You don’t need to travel far from the hustle of the city to find that perfect outdoors shoot location.

As part of the Farm Locations library, there is a dedicated collection of film locations situated directly within the M25, all easily accessible from the heart of the capital, with tube and train stations conveniently close by. To see if your ideal shoot location is closer than you think, take a look at our collection of farms ‘Inside the M25’.

We also have a number of farms located within 10 miles of the M25, still making them within very easy reach of London. If you wish to broaden your search and take a few short steps further afield, browse our farms located ‘within 10 miles of the M25’.

Farms inside the M25 for Filming

If you are looking to hire a film location inside the M25 for filming, we may have just what your production is looking for.  Use the bespoke online search portal to explore the extensive portfolio of farm locations, all hand-picked and with something unique to offer. If you can’t find your ideal film location online, please get in touch with us and we will do our best to help.

All of the farms for filming inside the M25 are hosted by film-friendly owners offering plenty of space and support to make a film brief happen with ease. The experience and reputation we have built within the film industry is driven by the helpful service we offer and we will always try our best to find exactly the right filming location for you.

We are proud to have worked alongside countless trusted and award-winning clients, sourcing film locations for feature films, TV dramas, short films, music promotion videos, and TV commercials. 

One of our most popular film locations is the exclusive Cherry Farm, previously hosting TV commercial clients including Morrisons and Gala Bingo, TV dramas including Downton Abbey and Silent Witness, as well as a range of short films and music promos eg Jack Savoretti. Home to two ancient, preserved farmyards just 300 metres from one another, there’s no place quite like it. Featuring a charming selection of traditional, unspoilt farm buildings and houses just a stone’s throw away from the M25, it makes stepping back to a untainted bygone era completely possible, all within a short distance from London.

Sitting inside the M25, Merula Farm and Corn Farm are large working farm locations when looking to film close to London. The farms expands across thousands of acres providing huge scope of landscapes to choose from including golden wheat and silvery rye fields, grassland and pretty backwater spots too.

Farms inside the M25 for Photoshoots

Many of our farms inside the M25 are also available to hire for photoshoots. We’ve arranged the hire of farms as photography locations for fashion shoots, advertising campaigns, magazine editorials, pre-wedding shoots and private projects.

Farms make very popular locations for photoshoots as they provide a huge variety of backdrops and settings, all unique in their own way. There is an endless array of shoot opportunities, both inside and out; shooting on a farm can transport you to another era or even a different country, there’s so much potential to be had. 

Many of our farms located inside the M25 provide a selection of animals that are available to hire. Animal Farm really does live up to its name; it’s home to a fantastic array of shoot-friendly farm animals including donkeys, miniature ponies, chicken, ducks, sheep, goats, pigs, guinea pigs and rabbits. These shoot locations are also usually home to various props that can be used for a photoshoot. Your typical vintage tractors and stacked hay bales are just a couple of the popular props requested but there are plenty more unusual items too. 

Producing a photoshoot in the great British countryside really doesn’t have to involve long commutes and logistical challenges. We make the process as efficient as possible and will do everything we can to make your next stills project happen with ease.

With sustainability at the fore, take advantage of what the great outdoors has to offer so close to London and see all the potential photoshoot backdrops a farm location can bring.

Newest Locations in Inside the M25


Treetop Acres, TN16


Wriggly Tin Farm, TN14

Exclusive shortlist

Honeybee Farm, DA14

Exclusive shortlist

Fergie Farm, BR6

Exclusive shortlist

Cress Lands, WD3


Greenbanks Farm, N20

Exclusive shortlist

Waddle Farm, HA6


Runaway Farm, KT9

Exclusive shortlist

High Point Farm, NW7

Exclusive shortlist

Merula Farm, WD25

Exclusive shortlist

Animal Farm, WD6

Exclusive shortlist

Corn Farm, WD7


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