Locations inside the M25

For Filming and Photoshoots

Take a look at our countryside locations which are located within the M25 motorway. You won't believe you are near London when filming at these locations.

18 locations are in the portfolio relevant to “Inside the M25”

13 are exclusive to us

Epic Shoots on London's doorstep

Farm Location’s offer numerous locations for big shoots with ‘Epic’ backdrop needs just within the M25. These locations offer the space required for large crews to create panoramic productions set within vast ‘blue sky’ open fields and sweeping vistas. Runaway Farm‘s 220 acres of open land boasts a stretched grass runway and imposing WW2 hangar as well as its very own helipad.  Hill Farm is set within an AONB and it is this which provides the dramatic hilly landscape. South Farm is a super film-friendly shoot location based within the M25 and boasts a dramatic valley landscape including a unique country house preserved purely for productions and private tarmac roads. High Point is another multi faceted location within the m25 for filming and photoshoots. This hidden gem is sat at almost the highest point in Greater London offering uninterrupted views of vast open fields for impactful shots, but also more intimate settings within its 250 acres.

Filming and Photoshoots within the M25

Being so close to London means you don’t need to travel far from the hustle of the city to find that perfect outdoors shoot location. Time and again the combination of convenience to London and interesting and varied backdrops bring production teams back to many of our locations within the M25.

Animals on the edge of London

You don’t have to go far to find a whole menagerie of animals choose from for filming and photoshoots within the m25.

Cress Lands is home to a vast array of rare breed animals from across the World. The location offers gateways to Africa, Australia, Asia, North and South America with over 60 species of exotic animals, from armadillos, zebras, bison, kangaroos and flamingoes to your ‘typical’ farm animals all set within a green oasis of lakes and natural landscape. Animal Farm is only 10 minutes from Elstree Studios and has a fantastic array of shoot-friendly farm animals living within its 20 acres of open grass fields.


Spotlight on Cherry Farm

Cherry Farm is a real gem providing two historic farmyards for stunning film and photoshoot back drops within the M25. Showcasing varied buildings and back drops as well as rolling fields and woodlands all within close distance of each other.

Films and photoshoots at Cherry Farm

Check out these varied shoots that have all taken place at Cherry Farm making use of  the many backdrops available.

Refined vs dilapidated Countryside

All within the M25 and a stone’s throw from central London Farm Locations offer a whole world of ‘Countryside’ options from the run down, derelict and dilapidated to the refined and elegant. Consider photoshoots set in the beautiful lawns, walled garden and pristine brick stables at 17th century Knoll Farm or filming scenes at the modern designed Treetops Acres with with its sleek swimming pool. If you are looking for something in total contrast then look no further than the ramshackle buildings on Fergie Farm and tumbled down timber barns at Merula Farm.

Newest Locations in Inside the M25


Treetop Acres, TN16


Wriggly Tin Farm, TN14

Exclusive shortlist

Honeybee Farm, DA14

Exclusive shortlist

Fergie Farm, BR6

Exclusive shortlist

Cress Lands, WD3


Greenbanks Farm, N20

Exclusive shortlist

Waddle Farm, HA6


Runaway Farm, KT9

Exclusive shortlist

High Point Farm, NW7

Exclusive shortlist

Merula Farm, WD25

Exclusive shortlist

Animal Farm, WD6

Exclusive shortlist

Corn Farm, WD7


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