12th Sep 2019

Safari location in the UK

If you are seeking an outdoors location in the UK that can double as being on safari, in Africa, then look no further than the Romney Marsh in Kent.

From August through the Autumn, there are expanses on the Romney Marsh in Kent which transport you into safari-land.

So why does the Romney Marsh in Kent work so well in doubling as a safari location?

  • Romney Marsh is as flat as a pancake
  • There are vast expanses of grassland
  • Huge, open skies look over farm locations
  • Very few trees, just a few warped hawthorns
  • Long bleached grasses in large open areas
  • The ditches and causeways add other forms of grasses to add texture: reeds, bull rushes

Examples of Photoshoots and their UK Safari location

Without naming names, here shows some of the props used for a gorgeous clothing brand last month. The two-day shoot was at Whitehall Farm, Romney Marsh, Kent.

Also at Whitehall Farm, Matches Fashion and Harrods Magazine embraced the bleached landscape that a safari look in the UK can provide.

See the full gallery of images from the Matches Fashion photoshoot 

See all images taken on the Harrods magazine photo shoot 

For safari bookings

Don’t miss the opportunity to shoot a safari themed photoshoot or film on a farm location this year. The best time of year is August to October. Get in touch with Jo at Farm Locations to arrange. 07802 979348 or [email protected]




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